We are Direct Distributors for the Segway style Robin M1 Robstep Roboscooter. ( )   There are many segways for sale out there, but there is only one Robin m1, and for a good reason, a segways for sale holds no candle to the robin m1 for sale.

We do not want to mislead you by getting you to this page, we are simply trying to save you a lot of money on a better quality product than a regular ol expensive and outdated segway.

In order to buy A segway for sale you have to have some general knowledge about segways, with the robin m1 it’s pretty clear cut what your getting.

The Robin M1 has only been around since late 2010.  The Segway style Robin m1 has become quite popular in china and is slowly catching on around the world, including the USA.  The main reason the Robin is unheard of is due to lack of advertising here in the states. ( We also sell the Robin Wholesale as well )

Someone with the Right advertising power could light the fire under the Robin here in the USA.  We can only do so much with blog posts and articles, but with the right networks the Robin would easily become a house hold name, and much more saught after than a plain ol Segway for sale.

If you or someone you know is interested in Buying the Robin M1 Wholesale, please feel to contact us at any of the emails in this post or call our toll free 800 number below.

There are many videos and lots of exciting information in this page, so please feel free to take a look around and watch some videos of the Robin M1 in this page.

Below are some links that will help you save allot of money on a quality product that is much cheaper than a big heavy segway for sale.  We hope our effors pay off and we can get the word out to the public what they are missing with the Robin M1.

The Robin M1 really is a wonderful machine to own an operate, and at half to a third the price of a Big Bulky Expensive Segway you just cant go wrong with the Robin m1.  Take a look at some of the sites below and watch the Videos of the Robin M1 in action before you decide to buy a Segway, you’ll be glad you did.

Below you will find a link to our squidoo lens, where there are many videos of the Robin, including a video of the Robin being taken apart and put back together, Theres even a teaching video as well.

 Email or call us at:


Want to Buy it now Safely through Paypal? ONLY $2995.00 Here is the link:

Click Here to Buy Now  SafelyThrough Paypal

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