What is a Segway and Segways for sale Cost Vs Robin M1 Robstep Cost Price

Below is our mini Segway Style Robin m1 Robstep Personal Electric Transporter

( Not Made By Segway )


( Not Made By Segway )

For more information about the robin m1 visit:  www.roboscooters.com

What a Segway Is

What is a Segway exactly? A segway is a Self Balancing Computer Controlled stand up Electric personal transporter.  A segway for sale contains a complex balancing mechanisim that automatically balances you as you stand on it called a Gyroscope. The Gyroscopes are controlled by a computer to help keep balance on the segways ( Of course you have to be able to keep your balance )

There are many segways for sale on the market today, and the segway price and segway cost can vary wildly.  There is only One Robin M1 Personal Transporter and it by far is much more easier to transport and handle, as it weights only 40 lbs, as comparted to some segways for sale that can go up to 140 lbs.

Some segways for sale can cost upwards of $8000.00 or more and can go as low as $2000.00.  Unless your a segway expert how are you to know what your getting and whats worth the money and what isn’t when it comes to a segway for sale?  This is a very good question and one in which we honestly cannot answer for you.

Some segways cost so much because they have big bulky tires and are supposed to be fit for the outdoors, other segways cost so much because they are either tricked out with chrome or some other sort of fancy decorations. Now Given allot of the cost of a segway depends on the power, obviously the more watts the more power your segway will have.

We have cut through the red tape for you and found a much better solution than a Segway for sale, that is every bit as strong as you will ever need.  The Robin M1 has two powerful motors and is strong enought to pull a small car. See www.roboscooters.com for video proof.  robin in car 6

We would like to introduce you to the  Robin M1 Robstep Personal Transporter.  Much like a segway the robin m1 is a self balancing scooter, but with allot more advanced and unique features.

You can maneuver the Robin M1 Personal Tranporter in places a segway can only dream about.  We use our Personal Robins for anything we want.  We take them to the grocery store & malls when we shop, as well as ride them down the road.  As long as you drive like you have some respect & don’t horse play,  most establishments will not have a problem with the robin & no one will usually will bother you, except to offer a compliment or ask you where you got it from.

Click Here for our Amazon Reviews: >>> ((( Our Amazon Reviews ))) <<<

The Robin m1 weights about 40lbs and easily fits into the back of a car, truck or suv.  The robin can quick charge in less than 2 hrs ( extra for the quick charger ), or it takes about 4 hrs with the standard charger, and can go 12 – 20 miles on a full charge.

The distance the segway style Robin m1 Robstep can go depends really on the terrain, as the robin m1 has an advanced energy feedback system that puts power back into the battery when traveling down hill.

Here is a quick breakdown of the robin:

The robin m1 personal transporter much like a segway is a Self Balancing Intelligent and Smart Stand up Personal Transporter.  The robin will run about 10 – 12 mph  in regular cruise mode, and has safety features that prevent you from going to fast forward or backward.

The Robin comes with two Remote controls and can be operated by any phone or tablet with the android technology , has an optional golf caddy for the golfers, optional saddle bags for carrying stuff, comes with two powerful motors & is strong enough to pull a car.   ( See Video Proof Here  www.roboscooters.com  ) and the Robin comes with a full one year warranty.

The Robin M1 also has safety features to keep you from over speeding.  The Robin will automaticall slow you down if you exceed the safe speed limit of the robin.  The robin will do this in either the beginner mode or the regular mode.  You will hear several beeps and then the robin will gently slow you down to keep you from going to fast, this is for your safety as well as others.

The Battery of the Robin is good for 3 -5 years under normal operation, and only cost $600.00 plus $90.00 shipping for an extra one.  The segway cost on a Battery we have seen go way over a thousand dollars or more for one.

Click Here for Riding Instructions on the Robin M1 >>> ((( Robin M1 Robstep Personal Transporter Riding Instructions )))

Were not absolutely sure but we dont think any segways for sale can be remote controlled by a smart phone yet. But we know for certain that the robin m1 can.

The segways style Robin m1 is only $2699.00 shipped anywhere in the usa, we do ship to other countries but the shipping may be slightly different from country to country.  Also an important thing to remember is if your not from the usa, you may or may not incur import takes from your country, it depends on your country, so please check with your local government about this first as we are not responsible for any import takes you may or may not incur.

If you would like information or to see some spectacular videos of the segway style robin m1 please visit any of the links in this post, or feel free to contact us at the emails below for a FREE Pdf. Brochure that shows all the extras that the robin m1 has.

Below is our main site where you can view multiple videos of the Robin M1 performing some interesting stunts and tricks, as well as some guy actually riding the Robin in and out of the Waves at some beach.




Or Email Us at:



((( Your Tracking number could take anywhere from 3 -5 days to receive Because of Customs Declarations, under special circumstances we may be able to get you your Robin M1 a little quicker, so please contact us for details if you need your robin quicker )))

After your tracking number is provided your robin will usually arrive at the destination in a few days, usually 3 -5 days by dhl express, All robins are usually delivered within 10 business days of purchase, it just takes 3 – 5 business days to get a tracking number, so please do not worry about your purchase, feel free to contact us anytime as we pride ourselves on customer service.

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